Are you a Leader or a Slave Master?

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We need to remember that this is our company and that the team are generally employees.

This is important for a couple of reasons.

Your team are probably loyal and committed but you have to remember they are there for a primary reason, a paycheck!

Work needs to be fun and rewarding for them. If it’s too hard, they will leave. If it’s not fun, they will leave and if you are a douchebag, they will leave.

The message here is simple, be a leader not a slave driver.

You took time and effort to recruit and induct your team, now keep them. Nobody wants to work in an environment where they feel they can not achieve the goals that are being set.

People don’t want to feel that work is worse than running a marathon (mentally or physically).

They want to feel that they are part of the team and that the collective goals are achievable.

Your job is to re-assure them of this. You need to be the one upfront leading them.

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is forgetting that the dream and goal of the company is theirs and not necessarily that of the employees.

Sure, they want to succeed and everyone wants to win or achieve goals but its your company and not theirs.

A leader needs to know when to lead and push them and when to tap off so as not to burn them out. There is a fine balance between achieving the goals of the company and knowing the limits of the team.


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