What creates your destiny?

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You are the one that creates it all. Maybe I should say tolerates it all?

You create everything. This is not a “The Universe will provide” post. This is just how it is.

You focus your energy and attention in a direction and the outcomes are then what they are.

Once the expectation is established, you will create what you expect.

Again – this is about thinking.

Positive thinking, think and grow rich … heard it all before?

The reality is though that this is the actually the case.

We can’t be focused on our thoughts all day – so maybe understanding what controls your thoughts will make it easier.

What you allow in, will allow you to process and thus create the results.

The secret?

Protect your mind! Stop gossip and negative news getting to your mind. Negative thoughts start off a chain of events.

Then, feed you mind. Feed it positive ideas and success stories. Give it the positive pieces of info that it needs – calibrate it positively each and every day.

Positive input will feed your mind and then you will calibrate and think positively. Ultimately positive things and results will manifest.

I mentioned think and grow rich above. While it is not as simple as thinking about money and it appearing, the reference was more to the contra. You see if you think and program yourself for failure or financial hardship then guess what? You will probably get it.

The idea is that by thinking positively and acting positively you are inviting positive outcomes in and this should then result in both good things and financial gain.

So embrace the fact that your destiny and all that you have (or don’t) is based on you, your actions and your thinking.


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