What you actually need to fear

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So I have been addressing fear and the negatives and positives of this emotion.

I obviously don’t know what your fears are – they could be personal fears for your relationships or fear of failing in business. There is no one single fear.

Or is there….

Well – you asked.

The biggest fear we have – is actually succeeding!

The fear of actually being the best, the fastest, the best looking even.

Our biggest fear is the fear that we could actually become that which we think we could be.

We have been taught to be submissive, to be humble – to do with good spirit rather than to do for reward or gain.

Well stop it!

If you want to be what you really want to be then be it!

Stop being scared of success. Don’t let yourself not be the awesome human you were actually supposed to be.

How do you think the best, the most successful and the best looking become that which they are?

They conquered the fear and did it!

They evolved to be that which they were actually supposed to be.

Stop being scared to be amazing – go and evolve


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