Hang around some awesome people

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To start with don’t hang around or associate with people that aren’t!

I am not a snob – this is just how it is – if you need to be positive and need positive affirmation in what you are doing or working on, Eeyore and his rain cloud is not going to work.

It’s hard when its family – but not impossible- you can manage exposure to anyone, family, friends or foe. You just have to be strong willed enough to do so.

Another consideration is the types of events you attend.

Have you ever chosen to attend an event or training based on the price of admission?

Rich and successful people don’t go to free events! Again, not being snobbish but think about it.

Wealthy and hi-power people are time poor. Money is not a barrier for them, so if they are going to do something it has to be exponentially more valuable than their time or the opportunity cost of not being somewhere else.

Generally, the more an event costs the more there is on offer or the calibre of the attendees.

Makes sense?

So – when looking at the $1k entry fee – ask if you can afford not to go rather than afford to go.
Remember we call it a Return on Investment not an investment for a return.

You have to Invest to get the returns.

  • A note – if you are not going to do the follow up work or exercises from the event – then its a waste of money and time even if it’s free.

So – choose where you want to be and with whom you want to be and what you want to do with these people; then do it.


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