Learning never stops

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When you stop wanting to learn; you stop!

No one knows everything.

Everyone can learn and everyone can teach.

Here is the kicker – this happens all day long!

Ask yourself a question:

Why do you read this everyday?

Another question:

Where do I get my info and thinking from?

I study and learn as much as I can about the things that interest me and then share them.

If you want to learn something; study it!

I am not suggesting that you have to go to University, you can read, talk to people of influence, attend expos and symposiums.

There is places to learn all around us – it is up to you to learn.

How does this correlate to success?

Simple – be the best in your industry and do this through learning, through studying and most import of all – continuing to do so even when you are at the top.

Learning actually increases or should do the more successful you become.

You can’t stay the best if you truly are not the best – so if you are not constantly consuming everything there is about your industry or profession, you will not be the best.


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