Get out!

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Yip. Get out.

Well at least 99%.

I’m talking about outsourcing. You see we think we can do it all ourselves and big companies like to employ lots of people to “be there” and do stuff.

The reality is work from home has actually confirmed something that I have been doing for awhile now.


There are tons of people in the world that are really really good at one thing!

So let them do it.
I need to get my accounts managed and taxes filed. Can I do it myself? Sure.

Do I enjoy doing it? Hell no and am I good at it? Not really.

This is why I have outsourced it. I don’t need a full time CPA or book-keeper. I do a ton of social media. Do I do it myself…. nope.
You get the picture.

Take all the stuff you are not good at or don’t enjoy and find those people that are and do.

We live in a contracting world and it couldn’t be easier to take advantage of it.


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