Ripple effect

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I have spoken about pushing through the barriers. Side stepping or going over the walls etc this week.

The last point for the week is the ripple effect.

Compounding leads to bigger and greater returns.

But sharing makes sure we all improve.

Here is an illustrative example.

I get inspired to write Deliaf with the purpose of sharing positivity with anyone who wants to read it.
I feel better when I put these thoughts down on paper and share them.

You read these each day and (hopefully) feel better or positive for the day ahead.

Now if you shared these with those around you then chances are they too will feel better or hopefully have a better day.

This is the ripple effect.

Small little motions from me to you become wider as you share to your network and wider still as they too share with theirs.

If we can all feel better we can all do better.

I always paste at the bottom of these posts asking you to share. So here is my challenge today: please share Deliaf with at least 5 people that you know.

Be the ripple maker.


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