Don’t do it alone

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No one builds a successful business alone!

A sports person doesn’t win without a great team of coaches, trainers etc.

No top 1% of the best people in business are solo business people.

You get it.

It’s like going to the movies by yourself, it may be entertaining, but it’s lonely.

Doing business on your own is also lonely – and while you are trying to do everything yourself – other people, using great people, are beating you, guaranteed!

As soon as you can; build the team!

Get the right people, at the right time, who can do the right job, for the right price and collectively you just get it right!

I have often spoken about doing what you do best and getting other to do the other 99% of the stuff!

Remember, the right team is not just employees or partners!

You need support (moral and emotional), confidants and friends to keep you uplifted.

The hardest part though, is actually assembling all these people!

If it was easy, everyone would have done it!

Super success comes from super hard work, planning and executing.


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