So how do you keep momentum?

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Yesterday I spoke about being stagnant. About sleeping in or lazying at the beach.

Today – lets look at physics, specifically, momentum.

Take a small stone and roll it down a steep slope covered in snow.

What happens?

Yip – a big snowball forms and increases in speed and size as it boulders down the hill.

Equally, once the snowball is running at maximum speed (another law of physics) less energy is actually require to maintain this speed.

This is what we want to strive for!

Get to full speed and then stay there.

You see the opposite needs to be considered too.

Go on a holiday for two weeks and then come back and see how productive you are on day 1, hell, week 1!

Not very right?

This is because as great as momentum is, it is hard work to get back up to full speed when you have slowed or even worse, stopped.

Now I don’t expect you to never take a break or take your foot off the gas.

The secret though is to ensure someone or something, a system or automation tool, is in place to continue the momentum while you (or someone else) is not there.

So let’s leave science and physics for a moment.

Be careful when you do slow down as it takes 3 times the energy and effort and even worse; time, to get back up to full speed again.

Look at what needs to be done, and then make sure there is always someone (if not yourself) to do it.


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