How to stay enthused

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Here is a couple of ideas.

Remember the first time you did something or saw something you loved – remember the “wow” feeling – remember that – I have one – its the first signage job I did in my newly formed agency

I lost money on the job but everytime I drove past the signs I had a little smile or told the story to whoever was in my car on that trip.

It’s hard to keep doing the same thing over and over – but if you can regenerate the excitement this will make it much better if you have this 1st time memory in mind.

Think to the future. If you can envision how you will alter their lives or make their worlds better by sharing or doing what you are going to do – this fills the heart with warmth.

The second idea; treat your chores as if you were 007!

You are on a mission to get rid of mediocrity and share awesomeness – pretend to be a spy and that what you do is of dire importance to the survival of the world (even if this is just making a cup of coffee)! Living n the moment and feeling the rush of being the most famous spy on earth will make the task of filing your receipts seem like you are filing the codes to the world’s most dangerous secrets.

Be the super spy, live the memories, experience the moments.


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Image: The Guardian

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