Are you a Leader or a Slave Master?

We need to remember that this is our company and that the team are generally employees. This is important for a couple of reasons. Your team are probably loyal and committed but you have to remember they are there for a primary reason, a paycheck! Work needs to be fun and rewarding for them. If … Read moreAre you a Leader or a Slave Master?

Compound Effect or Affect!

This is a powerful lesson. In finance this principle has been the core standard of creating wealth. By reinvesting the returns or interest earned on the primary capital investment the growth of the wealth is compounded as we earn interest on our interest. This is great advice but this isn’t an economics blog so why … Read moreCompound Effect or Affect!

You have to Learn Every Day!

Seem obvious right? Yet so many of us don’t actually learn every single day! Education is not necessarily only what we learn at school or university, We must never stop learning. Every day is wasted if we don’t learn something. Lessons aren’t always a positive outcome either. Remember this entire blog is based on correcting … Read moreYou have to Learn Every Day!

If It Walks and Clucks like a Chicken is it a Chicken?

There is an old story about an eagle’s egg that rolled out of it’s nest and landed up in a chicken farm. The egg hatched and the little eagle was groomed and raised as a chicken. All its life it watched the birds in the sky flying and yearned to fly like them too. But … Read moreIf It Walks and Clucks like a Chicken is it a Chicken?