What are You doing that They aren’t (or are They?)

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Pic: pexels.com

There is a saying, “Don’t live your life looking into another person’s wallet”! Basically this means stop worrying about what others have and focus on what you have (or could have). Unfortunately this is easier said than done. We sit all day long trying to get our ventures off the ground. Maybe wondering what we can do to get the next big deal. You know what I am saying. Then you see people around you that seem to have it all. Success! Wealth! Happiness! No Stress….

If you spend your life looking at what others have, you will never be happy nor successful. You see what you see on the outside or the facade is not necessarily the full picture. You don’t know what they have done or been through. You haven’t seen every moment of their journey. Even worse – we don’t know if they are really as successful (not just money or appearance) as we see. In this journey we have to decide what we want and more importantly what we are prepared to do to get it.

Instead of envy, why not ask What? You see – anyone can work hard. Lots of people are smart and luck does weave her wicked hand in the mix too. But ask yourself: “What are you not doing or worse What are you doing that you shouldn’t be doing”?

So take your eyes off of others and focus on the goal. Get up, grab the opportunity and shake it for everything it’s got.