Strategy for introverts

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Most people, who you think are extroverted are actually introverted.

The more public a person is and the more they are on stage/camera – chances are they are actually introverted and therefore naturally shy.

This actually applies to most super-successful people.

So how do they do it?

Easy – the same as you would – by just being uncomfortable and taking a step forward.

You need to learn how to wear a “mask”.

The secret is to go first.

Say hello first.

Ask a question first.

Greet random strangers first.

The reason for this is that this will give you the upper hand and more importantly, tell that person (who is more likely than not, as shy as you are) its ok to have a chat.

What this does do, is also make you the leader in the conversation or negotiation.

First in, first to close.

Try it – next time you are at a cocktail party or product launch, heck, standing in a cue to get a Latte – Say “Hi”!


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