No experience required

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Image: SSE

The thing about being an Entrepreneur is that there is zero experience required!

You see – you can go study to be a doctor or lawyer. There are trade schools to teach plumbing and electrical services.

There are no places to go learn to be awesome!

Everyone is already awesome and it is up to you to decide what you want to do with that.

We all have an entrepreneur in us – we need to chose whether we want to activate them or not.

I have seen courses at school called Entrepreneurial Studies – this is basically business and how to run a business – you have something in you trying to get out – either embrace it, take the leap of faith and fly or fall.

If you fall, then apply the message from some washing detergent companies.

WASH(away the failure), RINSE (lick your wounds), REPEAT (try try again)!


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